The Wing Girls of, are online comedy phenoms with an international following of loyal fans.


Their weekly comedy show, which they write, edit, produce and star in, gets  5 million views per month on Youtube. The channel has over 130 million total views, and almost 200 thousand subscribers. They have more than 200 videos on the site that are a mix of hilarious how-to’s, sketch comedy and parodies. They are regularly ranked as one of the Top 50 Comedians on Youtube. They have recently been selected as one of Youtube’s Next Comics, and Social Blade has ranked them as one of the top 500 YouTube channels.


The Wing Girls were part of the original team of content creators with Next New Networks. They’ve participated in ad campaigns for Target,, Movie Pass, Top Gear and BBC America. Their videos have been featured on Comedy Smack, Reddit, and


They are currently Fashion Police Columnists for US Weekly.  They have been featured Comedians on many countdown specials for E! Entertainment, VH1, MTV and LOGO.


The Wing Girls have just release a funny book called “How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone” published by Chronicle Books! They are currently completing their second novel, a fictional book for young adults.


Whats new for 2014? Scripted television, more fiction novels, and more scripted digital shows!

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